About rachel

Before there were digital photos or social media, I grew up as the one in my family that always took photos on family trips and would run to get my film printed at the nearest Walgreens. Photography has a really special place in my heart. I approach photography from a very natural and honest place. I am very detail and planner oriented, wanting to create your vision, while capturing the essence of who you are. 

I love to be creative and continue to grow and aspire to new things within my photography. 

Creating connection and building trust are two very important pieces to me. Empathy and understanding give me insight as to who my clients are and allow me to create beautiful and emotive imagery that will bring you back to relive your season of life.


You are fun and spontaneous! You don't care whether the wind is blowing or the snow is falling, you're up for the adventure!


Someone who loves the outdoors and yearns to be wild and free!


You're not afraid to laugh and be yourself!