meet rachel

its your day!

 Let's celebrate!

You will quickly find that we share many of the same interests and hobbies in life, but what excites me the most is connecting with you and creating your storybook.

 When I pick up a camera, I immediately find myself creating something new and beautiful that expresses the essence of who YOU are. The exciting season that you are in.

When you step in front my camera, I am convinced that you will feel two things: comfortable and 100% yourself, which will bring you back to reminisce on your photo session a hundred times over and relive your special moments. 

Intentional. Purposeful. Genuine. Authentic.

what makesa
Rachel Leigh bride


You are fun and spontaneous! You don't care whether the wind is blowing or the snow is falling, you're up for the adventure!


Someone who loves the outdoors and yearns to be wild and free!


You're not afraid to laugh and be yourself!